Coorhat is a startup based in Indonesia allowing for "Listen to Earn" model via FIAT/Crypto for peer-to-peer conversation. It also connects coaches, consultants, and celebrities with the public on an hourly pay basis.


Let’s find new friends or professionals to talk to.

Find New Friends or someone to talk to

Explore new people by click “next’ or “previous” and simply choose one of them to chat and share your thoughts

Meet Online and Offline

Our platform allow you to choose to meet up Online for those live far from you or Offline for those who near you

Find Mentor and Professional

Easily seek for people with different kind of specialty and learn something from them

Talk with Every Topic

In this platform there are no boundary to talk about anything you want to your new friend

Secure and Safe

With special “Panic button” we protect your safety when you decide to meet up Offline by connecting to maximum 4 of your friends or family

Pay with Fiat and CryptoCurrency

Flexibility in Payment for your new friends after you finish your sharing session by Fiat currency or Crypto Currency directly from our platform


Easily meet new people and many more

Sharing your deepest thought will make all burden in your shoulder lighter, or finding someone with certain knowledges and expertise will be easier than ever

We protect your safety and privacy

Your safety during meet up as well as we provide the Panic button during your meeting session /p>

We always anonymize your data

All your datas are completely safe and sound with us, we will never sell your data to other parties

Built with the advantage of Blockchain Technology

After the first generation called Internet, now we are using the second generation in our platform called Blockchain technology and Web3

Our Teams

Dea Putra

CEO & Co-Founder


COO & Co-Founder


CMO & Co-Founder

Some frequently asked questions.

The LISTENER will get the payment from you as the INVITEE once

Yes you can as it part of Fiat Currency

Absolutely, as it is our main environment

The the LISTENER will only receive the payment according to the first hour

App that makes it easy to discover new friends or find someone to talk to